Playful Learning Experiences

Eduweb specializes in playful learning experiences, from game-based learning to creative play and design interactives. We develop custom web-based and exhibit games, as well as games and augmented reality apps for mobile devices.

  • Playing to Learn

    Playing to Learn

    Creation, experimentation, exploration, imagination—play is central to so many kinds of learning. Over the past decade, we have made play a central goal for our learning interactives as well. Create a beautiful artwork or an exciting movie. Design a desert house or a rainforest beetle. Spend a day as a wild wolf or colonial apprentice. Play is motivating, absorbing and inspiring. We believe it's an essential ingredient for compelling learning experiences.

  • Game-Based Learning

    Game-Based Learning

    Games take "play" and wrap it in rules. Strangely, that only makes them more fun. Games engage the imagination, foster motivation, offer context, and provide scaffolding for effective learning. Digital technology lets us design games that recreate the rules of nature and society in a rich, contextual world for players to explore. As a recognized leader in the field of digital learning games for informal education, eduweb designs meaningful, enthralling games about the real world.

  • Collaborate with Us!

    Collaborate with Us!

    We firmly believe in a collaborative development process with our clients, and find that such a process results in a superior end product and user learning experience. We usually have an initial face-to-face meeting for concept development, followed by frequent contact through email and conference calls throughout production. To facilitate collaboration, we set up a wiki for each project, which becomes the home for all design documentation as well as visual designs, scripts, and prototypes. Projects typically range in cost from $25,000 to $250,000 or more. Development time ranges from six to 24 months.

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