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We're pleased to announce two new online learning games, plus an evaluation of WolfQuest that examines just how effective learning games can be!

George Washington's World for Kids
George Washington welcomes you to Washington's World for Kids
Mount Vernon

For a stiff-lipped Founder of the United States, George Washington led an awfully exciting life. Soldier, farmer, statesman...he was even famous for his love of dancing. On this site, discover the real Washington at home and at war. Explore a 3D Mount Vernon in search of artifacts that reveal the many facets of the man. Meet the people who lived and worked on his estate. Play the harpsichord so he can dance with his beloved Martha. And serve as gun captain at Washington's greatest moment of military achievement, the siege of Yorktown. Washington's World has it all—everything, that is, except for a cherry tree.

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Forces of Flight
Design an aircraft in Forces of Flight
National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution

Just how do airplanes stay up in the air? This whimsical interactive explores the four forces of flight by putting you in the designer's seat. Build a hybrid aircraft by selecting wings, fuselage and other components from 100 years of flight, then see what happens to your aircraft (and your poor test pilot). Does it go faster or slower, higher or lower? Experiment with lift, drag, thrust and weight to reach your target speed and altitude. Then compare those forces with the forces of flight in space!

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WolfQuest Evaluation Finds Learning Happening
Chasing an elk in WolfQuest
This evaluation of our WolfQuest learning game, conducted by the Institute for Learning Innovation, found the game to be highly effective in achieving its goals, providing a rich and rewarding learning experience. Players showed significant increases in their understanding of wolves and wolf habitats—even though science content was woven throughout the game but never explicitly "taught." Players also demonstrated the use of scientific habits of mind in discussions about the game on the WolfQuest game forum. And high percentages of players were inspired to pursue wolf- and nature-related activities beyond the game.

The full evaluation has much more detail on learning outcomes from the game, including reports from players themselves about the impact the game has had on them. For example, because of the game, players say they have:
  • "Pretended to be a wolf on the nature trail."
  • "Started keeping a journal about the elk population in Yellowstone."
  • "Talked about wolves (I talk a LOT by the way)."
  • "Drawn pictures of myself in the game (I am a pure white wolf called Mist)."
  • "Redecorated my bedroom so it is completely about wolves."
  • "Seen the world the way wolves do."

Go to the WolfQuest Summative Evaluation Report

What's next?

Coming soon: WolfQuest Episode 2: Survival of the Pack!