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We're pleased to annnounce two new projects about American history!

Texas 1836
Washington-on-the-Brazos State Historic Site
Star of the Republic Museum

Washington, Texas

Explore the historic site of Washington-on-the-Brazos with this magic window into history.

See the town of Washington as it looked in 1836, when delegates from all parts of Texas came to write the Declaration of Independence and Constitution of the Republic of Texas. The app uses Eduweb's augmented-reality engine to presents a virtual town of Washington at full scale, overlaid on the historic site for you to explore. Discover the town by walking around the historic site, meeting the people and exploring the buildings as they were in 1836. Toggle between the virtual world and the augmented-reality view that superimposes buildings and people against the modern environment.

Note: This app is primarily designed for use at the historic site, with augmented reality features to track your location and align the virtual world of 1836 with the real world. To explore the virtual world elsewhere, choose the Offsite Tour on the "About The App" page.

For iPhone 4+ and iPad 2+ (cellular model but no cell service required for augmented reality tour) and Android 2.2+

Go to Texas 1836

Cast Your Vote - 1812!
Cast Your Vote screenshot
Fort McHenry National Historic Site
Baltimore, Maryland

Is it to be war? Or peace?

It is the summer of 1812. America is on the brink of war. What do you think of the issues -- and the decision to go to war? Listen to eight Americans explain their perspectives on the prospect of war with Great Britain, then cast your own vote!

Go to the Cast Your Vote - 1812!

Several projects won industry awards this year:

  • Building Detroit, which we developed with the Detroit Historical Society, won a Silver MUSE Award at the American Association of Museums annual conference in May.

  • How Things Fly, an online exhibit by the National Air & Space Museum, won an Honorable Mention at the MUSE Awards. Eduweb developed three interactives for this site: Forces of Flight, Controlled Flight, and How Wings Work.

Stay tuned! We've got more great games and learning interactives in the works in the works for this fall and winter! Follow us on Twitter and Facebook — to get the latest news and sneak peaks at upcoming projects.