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An art history game about Vincent Van Gogh. Learn about art history, art aesthetics, and aesthetic scanning

A painting A painting A painting A painting
spacer gifI yawned and rubbed my eyes. I tried to focus on the wall of paintings in front of me. My feet were killing me. I'd rather be anywhere—outside, playing with my friends, even brushing my teeth—anywhere but this art museum.
spacer gifThen I heard a strange sound behind me...

I turned to see greens and blues and oranges all swirling around into a terrible roaring vortex.


Before I could step back, I was sucked feet first into the vortex! Colors swirled and howled. Then..nothing. Until I opened my eyes again.


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Inside Art was one of our first art history adventures. We've developed many more since then. Check them all out at Educational Web Adventures!